WebRTC is a set of browser APIs and protocols being worked on by the W3C and IETF standardization bodies. With WebRTC, developers can quickly add real-time peer-2-peer audio, video and data capabilities to their web applications through a set of standardised JavaScript APIs. 

WebKit today lacks support for this exciting new standard. Our intention is to add WebRTC support to WebKit, starting with the WebKit GTK+ port (Linux), by means of the OpenWebRTC implementation. Much of the WebRTC support will be implemented in the core of WebKit and therefore shared among all WebKit ports. This will also enable integration of other WebRTC backends such as webrtc.org.

The purpose of this website is to describe our intentions and to invite people that would like to contribute to join us in this effort. 




The initiative is initially supported by EricssonIgaliaCentricular, and Dr Alex Gouaillard. This website and its blog is maintained by Ericsson Research and Dr. Alex Gouaillard.